Senate Committee on Transport

What We Did In 2010, David made a presentation to the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications. The presentation addressed the Committee’s work related to containers and the federal government’s role in supporting Asia-Pacific container trade traffic opportunities. Topics included perspectives on Canada’s national transportation policy, long-term transportation infrastructure funding issues and federal support for research and development.

Vancouver Board of Trade

What We Did In 2012, David made a presentation to the Vancouver Board of Trade on the topic “The Gateway Supply Chain: Collaborating for Success”. This presentation discussed container trucking (drayage) as an important part of the import/export supply chain at the Port of Vancouver where drayage operations represent about 50% of the total container movements in the gateway. David’s remarks were based on his role chairing the Container Drayage Leadership Team of senior executives from TSI Terminals, DP World, Fraser Surrey Docks, PMV, the BC Trucking Association, Chamber of Shipping and the Western Canadian Shippers’ Coalition.