Strategy & Policy

Special Advisor: Transportation Asset Review

What We Did CTC acted as an advisor for CDIC’s Asset Review Programme responding to Federal Ministry of Finance requests for reviews of corporate assets in relation to the government’s core responsibilities and to assess their market value. The scope included business valuations, strategic and operational consulting and transportation and logistics.

Canadian Rail Freight Service Review

What We Did Colledge Transportation carried out extensive consultations with more than 50 different port customers and service providers including shippers, shipping lines, port terminals/tenants and the railways to prepare an independent fact-based review of rail service performance. CTC developed two different submissions that were submitted to the Review Panel. One submission was for Port Metro Vancouver, Canada’s largest and most diversified port. The other submission was for TSI, the largest container terminal operator in Port Metro Vancouver.

Pacific Gateway Strategy 2.0

What We Did A comprehensive review of the trade traffic opportunities for the Pacific Gateway to 2020 for container imports/exports and exports for all major commodity sectors. The scope of work included a “top down” review of world and North American economic growth trends combined with a “bottom up” analysis of the production outlook for high growth potential sectors, as well as a supply chain capacity assessment, focusing on port terminals. A comprehensive gateway strategy was developed including infrastructure and policy initiatives that need to be pursued to achieve the long-term trade traffic targets.

British Columbia Ports Strategy

What We Did CTC prepared a long-term vision and action plan for British Columbia’s major trading ports to achieve the significant growth opportunities ahead. Apart from the final Strategy document, CTC was also responsible for preparing the B.C. Ports Competitive Profile, a comprehensive review and assessment of: traffic demand projections to 2020 (containers, break-bulk, dry and liquid-bulk); the competitive context for North American west coast ports; shipping industry and technology trends and the port and rail regulatory/policy environment. The project included extensive industry consultations and two major industry-government workshops. This landmark project paved the way for several Asia-Pacific gateway trade and transportation initiatives.

Transportation Strategy for the Western Provinces

CTC has completed a wide range of strategic reviews related to transportation and organizational change. David Colledge has been involved in almost every major federal transportation policy review in Canada over the past 30 years. What We Did CTC prepared this briefing for the seven Western/Territorial Ministers of Transportation to articulate the benefits of a coordinated regional transportation strategy. The report outlines fundamental principles for strategic infrastructure investments and transport policy revitalization. It is a minister-led recognition that a joint approach best serves the economic interests of the Region and Canadians alike. The underlying strategy is to identify regionally significant transportation improvements that, while local, have value beyond a single jurisdiction to support trade and economic growth.