Supply Chain

Trucking Best Practices

What We Did CTC in partnership with Seaport Consultants carried out a review of the container trucking (drayage) sector in the Port of Vancouver. Research and interviews were carried out with successful trucking companies and profitable owner-operators to identify best business practices. The project identified the role of owner-operators in the import/export supply chain and resulted in an on-line toolkit as a resource for owner-operators to help improve their financial and operating performance.

The Next Frontier of Value Creation

What We Did CTC prepared an Executive Briefing on the Economic & Strategic Impact of Supply Chain Management in Canada. This landmark document details for the first time, the value of SCM in the Canadian economy and its strategic benefits. In sophisticated organizations such as Amazon, SCM has evolved from a back-office function primarily focused on cost reduction to a strategic role that contributes to customer satisfaction, better planning and increased efficiency. DownloadDownload your copy

Transportation Network Needs Assessment Study

What We Did Colledge Transportation led a consulting team that developed long-term traffic forecasts for the major commodity sectors and quantified the associated truck, rail and vessel traffic. The study identified by sector, and on a consolidated basis, key transportation bottlenecks and existing/potential supply chain gaps by mode and route. Recommendations included infrastructure priorities, needed improvements in supply chain performance and the transport policy options to accommodate the anticipated future import/export trade traffic flowing through the transportation network.

Port of Vancouver Supply Chain Strategy

What We Did A comprehensive review identifying the systemic supply chain issues affecting the gateway’s ability to increase freight cargoes (bulk, break-bulk and containers) and the strategic priorities to address the issues. More than 40 organizations including major port users and service providers representing all links in the supply chain were consulted. Internal workshops were held with VPA personnel to explore new directions and obtain inputs to this long-range strategy.